No company ever became great by following someone else, yet every day we are asked to believe otherwise. Strategy and improvement consulting are typically based on two faulty assumptions: 1) we have the same over-simplified problems the consultants are experts in solving, and 2) we can easily (and successfully) apply their pre-packaged “solutions” and "best practices" in our complex and already overburdened organization. The < 10% success rate of most improvement approaches proves that neither is often true. The real truth is that it does not matter much what Apple, Toyota, or Zappos do today because those are their solutions to their own specific needs and gaps. While very interesting to read about, their methods rarely work well outside of their social and technical systems. What does matter, however, is the scientific method of learning and problem solving they all used to create and evolve into what they are today. That is a fundamental principle that any organization can leverage.

Strategy Science recognizes that every organization’s challenges are the result of a complex interaction between their specific market, history, and unique processes, culture, capabilities, and tools. Solving most business problems is therefore never as simple as applying a strategic planning technique, increasing sales training, implementing a new Voice of the Customer process, or copying a best practice. Unraveling complex problems is not necessarily difficult, but it is very different than what most of us have learned throughout our careers. To coach clients through resolving these types of problems on their own, we focus on efficiently and effectively teaching all organizational levels better learning, problem solving, and evolution skills through hands-on application. Even though we have deep knowledge of Lean, Systems Thinking, Sigma, Culture Change, and Technology, we can accomplish this with a methodology-agnostic approach that eliminates the dogma and fluff that lead many organizations to cynicism and change resistance.

The bottom line results are prioritized and strategically focused improvements, company-specific solutions with greater ownership and engagement, better organizational alignment, and ongoing enhancement of the skills and feedback systems required to readily adapt to a changing environment - without the continuous need for expensive consultants.

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